KYKLOS 4.0 offers a comprehensive suite of integrated services that simplify the transition for manufacturing organizations towards circular manufacturing. It facilitates their understanding and planning for this transition while providing tools for these companies to monitor and verify their circularity objectives in real time.


KYKLOS 4.0 Services Smart Design Production Optimization Product lifecycle management support


Smart Design is centered on optimizing product personalization while incorporating additive manufacturing technologies. This approach facilitates the crafting of tailor-made products with minimal resource consumption and allows for the simulation of products before they are produced.


Production Optimization services are dedicated to maintaining the manufacturing infrastructure and resources at optimal quality levels. The goal is to proactively identify potential breakdowns, allowing for the simulation and forecasting of downtimes. By facilitating comprehensive real-time monitoring of both production elements and necessary resources, it empowers complete optimization of resource distribution and utilization at any given moment."


Product lifecycle management support: KYKLOS 4.0 extends beyond just facilitating product lifecycle management; it emphasizes the essential Life Cycle Assessment service, which is crucial in the circular manufacturing process. This service allows an organization to gauge its environmental impact directly from the manufacturing floor by tracking energy and water usage. Additionally, it provides insights into the environmental footprint through analysis of material inflow. Concurrently, KYKLOS 4.0 offers a blockchain-enabled refurbishment service, giving organizations verifiable tracking of the refurbishment that parts, products, or materials have undergone. This capability supports the use of refurbished items in production, thereby curtailing the necessity for new parts and, consequently, diminishing the manufacturing process's overall environmental footprint.