Solario stands at the forefront of innovation within the solar sector, offering a comprehensive solution designed to elevate the performance and efficiency of photovoltaic (PV) plants. Our platform integrates cutting-edge analysis tools, predictive maintenance capabilities, advanced anomaly detection, and AI-driven yield prediction to empower users with a holistic approach to solar energy management.

Key Features:

1. Advanced Analysis Tools: employs state-of-the-art analysis tools that provide precise satellite-model data and measurements. This ensures an unparalleled level of accuracy when assessing the solar performance of a site, laying the foundation for informed decision-making.

2. Predictive Maintenance: Our platform's advanced strategy utilizes data analysis, machine learning algorithms, and predictive models to foresee and address potential issues before they escalate into system failures. Real-time system condition monitoring, anomaly detection, and proactive fault prediction contribute to optimal performance and mitigate costly downtime.

3. PV Plant Efficiency with Anomaly Detection: Enhance the efficiency of your PV plant through our specialized anomaly detection module. Leveraging satellite data, advanced analytics, and real-time monitoring, identifies and alerts users to potential anomalies, allowing for proactive measures to ensure optimal efficiency.

4. AI-Driven Yield Prediction:'s customized AI model, fuelled by satellite data, weather re-analysis, and on-site history, delivers precise yield predictions tailored to the specific characteristics of your site. This empowers users to optimize operations, forecast energy production, and make informed decisions for maximizing yield potential.

5. Universal Data Collector: Delegate the complexities of data collection to Whether it's on-site data or satellite and weather data, our universal data collector seamlessly integrates diverse sources, constructing a tailored model for each plant to ensure optimal performance.

6. Integration with KYKLOS4.0 Services: actively contributes to circular innovation by integrating with KYKLOS4.0 services. This ensures a sustainable approach to solar energy management, incorporating predictive maintenance capabilities and addressing circular indicators to promote efficiency and environmental responsibility. is not just a solution; it's a holistic approach to solar energy management, providing a versatile toolkit for industry professionals to optimize performance, prevent disruptions, and maximize the yield potential of their PV plants. Embrace the future of solar technology with


Regarding circular indicators:

CIR2 - actively enhances energy consumption optimization in PV plants by implementing early anomaly detection, mitigating the risk of costly downtime, and consequently lowering the operational energy needs of the plant. In a notable pilot case,, utilizing hindcast mode, successfully identified five anomalies within a year. To put this into perspective, considering a standard maintenance scenario for a PV plant generating approximately 100 MWh annually with an installed capacity of 79.8 kWp, a mere 5% increase in energy production per maintenance session translates to a significant 16% boost in overall energy production if ANATOLIA alerting had been active throughout that year. This underscores the substantial impact of's proactive approach in maximizing energy output and minimizing operational disruptions.

CIR3 - actively promotes the reduction of raw material consumption and advocates for sustainable sourcing practices within PV plants. The platform's early anomaly detection and preventative measures against downtime contribute to a tangible decrease in the utilization of raw materials for manufacturing. By ensuring operational efficiency and minimizing disruptions, plays a crucial role in fostering a sustainable approach to material sourcing in the renewable energy sector.

CIR4 - plays a pivotal role in significantly extending the lifespan of PV plant products through the prompt detection of anomalies and the prevention of costly downtime. This proactive approach not only reduces waste generation from PV plants but also contributes to maintaining the high value of the entire plant infrastructure.

CIR5 - By ensuring timely maintenance and minimizing downtime caused by unexpected failures in PV plants, makes a valuable contribution to lowering emission levels.